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Hi I'm Adamma 

 a dedicated long distance online dating coach. I have made it my life's ambition to guide and teach women how to win at finding love online in this complicated modern digital minefield. As a former online dater that spent 7 years on dating apps, it is my mission to help ladies avoid wasting precious years searching for love and start learning how  to date SMARTER, not HARDER!

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Adamma's Story

There was a time when I believed that love was just not for me. After several years of failed attempts at finding love online and in-person in New York City, I had all but given up. I felt like a  total failure because I had spent all these years trying to find love, and ultimately ended up with nothing to show for it. I was an accomplished woman with a great career and financial success, however there was a chapter of my life that I was ready to write, however despite my best efforts I couldn't find my a qualified co-author...

My Area Of Expertise


Long-Distance Dating

Has your romantic life felt more like a tumultuous journey than a fulfilling adventure? As someone who has navigated the complex landscape of dating in New York City, I understand the challenges firsthand. For those seeking a transformative approach to finding love, allow me to illuminate the path toward mastering the art of long-distance relationships. Embracing the expansive horizon of long-distance dating, will strategically position you within a broader, more diverse dating landscape far beyond your local confines. 

Long-distance dating elevates your allure through the "premium effect," where your distinctiveness is celebrated as a rare and valued treasure. This unique advantage allows you to cultivate deeper, more meaningful connections, distinguishing you from the conventional dating pool.

Let us navigate this journey together, leveraging the vast potential of long-distance relationships to discover a love that transcends boundaries.

How Adamma Can Help You 


1:1 Coaching Session with Adamma


  • A 1:1  sit down with Adamma where we tackle your biggest challenges with online dating

  • An in-depth review and edit of your dating profile to make it more attractive to potential matches

  • I show you how to identify scammers and timewaster profiles so you know what to look out for and who to avoid 

  • I show you how to recognize serious looking profiles and people that are aligned with your life goals and intentions

  • I equip you with actionable strategies that are thoughtfully developed to address your specific needs and facilitate meaningful change in your online dating life

Interested? Click below to book a session with me today!

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