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Hi I'm Adamma 

 a dedicated life, love, and career coach. I have made it my life's ambition to empower women from diverse backgrounds and at various stages of their lives. I lead ladies to discover and embrace a pivotal truth: the essence of attaining all that you aspire to in life and love is intricately linked to the art of strategic positioning, facilitated by the nuanced application of the

"Premium Effect." My mission is to illuminate your journey by skillfully guiding you through the complex labyrinth of life's opportunities, unlocking the full spectrum of your potential.

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Adamma's Story

Welcome to where the unconventional path leads to extraordinary destinations. My name is Adamma. I am a wife, mother to two beautiful children, and your guide on this journey of discovery and empowerment. Though my roots trace back to the vibrant energy of America, I've found my heart and home amidst the serene beauty of the Bavarian Forest in Germany, where I've lived for the past six years. My story, much like the landscapes I've embraced, is one of contrast, change, and ultimately, transformation.

Before the tranquil forests and the whisper of leaves became my backdrop, I thrived in the pulsating heart of New York City for nine enriching years. My career on Wall Street as a banker, was marked not by a traditional ascent, but by a relentless pursuit of excellence in an arena where I was the unlikely contender—a former law school dropout with no formal finance experience. Yet, it was here, among the titans of industry, that I began to grasp the essence of what I now understand as The Premium Effect.

What Is The Premium Effect?

The Premium effect entails immersing oneself in environments where your uniqueness is celebrated and admired, thereby elevating your value through exclusivity and rarity.

My Area Of Expertise


Long-Distance Dating

Has your romantic life felt more like a tumultuous journey than a fulfilling adventure? As someone who has navigated the complex landscape of dating in New York City, I understand the challenges firsthand. For those seeking a transformative approach to finding love, allow me to illuminate the path toward mastering the art of long-distance relationships. Embracing the expansive horizon of long-distance dating, will strategically position you within a broader, more diverse dating landscape far beyond your local confines. 

Long-distance dating elevates your allure through the "premium effect," where your distinctiveness is celebrated as a rare and valued treasure. This unique advantage allows you to cultivate deeper, more meaningful connections, distinguishing you from the conventional dating pool.

Let us navigate this journey together, leveraging the vast potential of long-distance relationships to discover a love that transcends boundaries.

How Adamma Can Help You


1:1 Coaching Session with Adamma


  • 1:1 90- Minute long sit down with Adamma where we tackle your biggest challenges with online dating

  • An in-depth review and edit of your dating profile to make it more attractive to potential matches

  • I show you how to identify scammers and fake profiles so you know what to look out for and who to avoid 

  • I show you how to recognize real profiles and people that are aligned with your goals and intentions

  • I equip you with actionable strategies that are thoughtfully developed to address your specific needs and facilitate meaningful change in your online dating life

Interested? Click below to book a session with me today!

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