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Hello There !

Welcome to my website my dear ladies! Thanks for visiting me here. My name is Adamma and I am your online dating coach. I guide women like yourself through the process of online dating and help you create the perfect profile, choose the right pictures, and present yourself in the best way possible to attract the right man. I also provide guidance and advice on how to build and sustain solid relationships with men online that will eventually lead to long-term partnerships and marriage.

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Adamma's Story

I was what you would call a frustrated online dater in New York City. For seven good years I spent so much time and money trying different websites and doing everything I could to find a decent man. It was all to no avail until one day, on a snowy cold January day, I woke up and told myself that this year was going to be different. I made a promise to myself that I was going to try something different, something that I had never done before. Perhaps you have heard the saying: '' If you want something different, you are going to have to try something different''.  On that very day, I registered for OKCupid, probably for the 100th time, but this time, I posted my profile in Germany. I gave up on dating in New York City and decided to try my luck at matching with men in Germany. To my shock and surprise, within just 24 hours, my now husband had reached out to me and had written such a polite and friendly message. We began to communicate and I knew right from the beginning of our correspondence, that he was the ONE. Long story short, we are now married with two beautiful children and live together in Germany. Our marriage is a richly mixed one with his German Bavarian culture and my Nigerian-American flair. If you'd like to know more about my story, please check out my YouTube channel  where I share more details of how we met and dated long distance.

My story though unique, it is not impossible for you to also achieve. You need to have the right strategies to be able to read between the lines and understand when you are talking to a serious vs a non-serious man. Online dating can be very difficult and spirit crushing. However I want you to use my story as inspiration to keep going because somewhere out there is your prince, waiting for his long lost princess!


How I Can Help You

One thing I wish I had had during my years of depressing frustration with online dating, was someone that to talk to that had succeeded and was on the other side of the experience. I really feel that talking to someone like myself would have saved me many weeping, sobbing nights of sadness and despair. I want to be that person for you that I never had, a listening ear, a compassionate presence, and a reassuring voice during this very important time of your life. My 1:1 consultations are designed to provide you the support that you need to continue your online dating journey and not get discouraged or give up. Everyone talks about therapy but no one talks about online dating therapy. You will come away from our sessions with a renewed spirit, refreshed confidence, and radiant clarity. I look forward to meeting you and guiding you on your path towards happiness and love.

Adamma's Services


Phone Call With Adamma 


  • Get Adamma's advice on any issues or topics that are on your mind

  • You have the option of booking either a 30 Min or 60 Min Call

  • Phone Calls take place over Instagram 

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Fix Your Dating Profile 


  • Adamma will create an attractive and impressive dating profile for you on any dating app of your choice

  • Adamma will write a comprehensive and attractive bio that reflects your wonderful qualities and personality

  • Adamma will advise you on what types of photos to post and the appropriate number

  • Adamma will answer any additional questions that you may have

Interested? Click below to book a session with me today!


1:1 Coaching Session with Adamma


  • Adamma reviews and gives feedback on your dating profile (photos, bio, etc.)

  • Adamma gives advice and insider tips on how to spot serious men on the dating apps

  • Adamma gives you the right tools to help you build and maintain great communication and momentum in a long distance relationship

  • Adamma will address any additional questions that you may have 

Interested? Click below to book a session with me today!

 Dating Apps Work!

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